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Join Us and Vend Your Wares at River City Steampunk Expo!

As you all know, the theme for this year is “Steampunks in the Shadows”, an interactive exploration into the dark side of the steam era. We bringing together the strange intersection of Gothic Horror and gothic Romance.

If you know anyone who might sell things that would fit this aesthetic, please forward the Expo Vendor Application link to them or if you think you have just what we need for our event, fill out the application yourself. We’re not only going to focus on traditional Steampunk wares but also items such as curiosities, oddities and items that scream “gothic, creepy, and scary". Of course we want vendors that sell such traditional Steampunk items as men's and women's clothing, jewelry, leather goods, tea and confections BUT we are also looking for vendors that sell things you might find spooky. Our vendor hall is going to be a place where one can hope to find a little bit of everything, and maybe find a couple of things they didn’t expect!

Applications are being accepted now and will be approved based on the criteria below:

  • Uniqueness and quality of your products. If you have a website, online storefront or photographs so we can see your work, that will greatly improve your chances for acceptance.
  • Based on our year’s current theme, we want to have some vendors that encompass and embrace the feel of what we’re trying to present to our guests.
  • Professional presentation and display of your wares.
  • Word of mouth and recommendations from other individuals.

We will have a short waiting list for those who will be contacted if a vendor has to cancel. You will be contacted as soon as we know if a space is available and we will need to hear back from you as soon as possible so we know we have that space filled.


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