Room Party Battle

We all love room parties!

To encourage room parties at RCSE. We are hosting a competition to find the best room party at RCSE. Winners of this year’s competition will not only get bragging rights, they will also get the option in 2025 to host a party in RCSE’s concierge suite. If you want your party to be a part of this fill out the form below and tell us when and where and we will have our VIP judges come by your room party. And just to be clear out right bribery of the judges is discouraged… but feel free to influence them with special drinks or food and special VIP treatment. You ask, “Oh! That sounds like fun, how do I become a room party judge?” You can participate and win one of the special competitions during the day. But if that sounds risky or simply too much work you can go to this link and get an upgraded VIP convention membership.

Fill out the form below:

  • Please tell us at what time and day are you hosting your party

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