Open and Scheduled Gaming

Hosted by Darkhold Games

There will be six gaming tables with multiple games going on.

11am – Cult of the Deep – Battle for control of rituals and mythical monsters (Min 4 players)

1:00pm – RIfts RPG One Shot – Trouble at the Freak Show – premade characters

1:00pm – Magic the Gathering – Unfinity Draft ($15 WOTC promo pack prizes )

2:30pm – Paint & Take – miniature painting ($20 includes paints, brush, and miniature)

4pm – Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate – D & D Spinoff from Betrayal at House on the Hill

4pm – Dungeon Mayhem – Card game where you pick an adventurer or monster and have some fast paced fun.

8pm – Zombicide – Dead or Alive

8pm – Magic Lord of the Rings Prerelease ($40 for the prerelease kit. LOTR Set Booster Packs and WOTC promo pack prizes)

10pm – Cards Against Humanity/Crabs Adjust Humidity