Add Suspicious Sideshow Skills to Your Repertoire

Presented by Professor Thompson S. Gunn

Take a venturesome journey into learning some treacherous tricks with the cast of Hollywood’s own & ONLY carnival-style sideshow: The FreakShow Deluxe!

Members of the unparalleled performance troupe will assist its courageous candidates in learning a few classic sideshow acts (including, but not limited to: the Human Blockhead; the Torture of India; and the Indomitable Integument), as well as some terms, history & dialects – as well as safety precautions that must be followed anytime one of these stunts in undertaken in order to safeguard an audience, AND minimize permanent injury to the performer!

These skills may be utilized to add depth to one’s projected persona. The knowledge and secrets shared might used to further an individual’s understanding of the world at large. Or, should a person be planning to present event of their own, this insight could be used in performance & procuring the necessary professionals to bring the dream to fruition.

Props will be provided. All panel attendees MUST sign a release form.